Hey! Thanks for visiting my page!

My name is Edwin Daleccio, aka. equetefue. I designed this website so I can keep in touch with people, talk about my hobbies, and whatever else I feel.

A little about myself. I'm 32 years old and although I currently live in the states, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico til the age of 17. I went to college to study aviation and became a commercial pilot. Though I haven't flown in a few years, my passion for aviation has never ceased. I wanted to experience life to the fullest, so I joined the US Air Force and served from 2000 to 2003, where I proudly excelled above others. I left the military due to a knee injury, but that has not stopped me from teasing my brain and senses with other hobbies and experiences.

After returning home to Florida following my discharge from the military, I now pursue my interests in hobbies such as building computers and photography.

People think of me as an intelligent person, I think of myself as an intellect that has not yet reached his full potential.